Laser Hair Removal Boston

Skin SpaClinic
Our clinics utilize the latest laser technologies available for Hair Removal and skin Photo-Rejuvenation. Our proven, medically-tested procedures include laser hair removal, and our special Skin Rejuvenation Therapy, which combines laser, elos energy treatments and Microdermabrasion.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 247-8488

Sleek MedSpa
At Sleek MedSpa, we identify skin problems, and provide Sleek Skin Solutions using the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including aesthetic laser therapy, to clear and smooth skin, remove unwanted hair, create a youthful smile with fuller, plump lips, and transform unsightly spider veins into young beautiful legs. Just identify your skin problems, and let Sleek Medspa do the rest.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (561) 988-4098

Dolores' Skin Care
Our main goal is to provide every individual with the utmost satisfaction. * Electrolysis * Laser Hair Removal * Facials * Skin Rejuvenation * Microdermabrasion * Waxing * Chemical peels * Massage therapy
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 367-1009

CQI Day Spa
The CQI Day Spa is a full service salon and day spa. Our talented energetic staff are on hand to offer you the latest innovations in hair style and color, laser hair removal, skin care, nail care and massage therapy. Our professional staff will work with you to achieve your beauty and style goals, whether it is to soothe your muscles with a swedish massage, liven up your hair with dazzling new highlights, or smooth fine lines with a CQI facial.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 431-4865

The Laser Skin Center
The Laser Skin Center uses non-invasive lasers specifically designed to eliminate hair from all parts of the body. One laser has great applicability for lighter skin types, while another is specifically for sun tanned patients and those with darker pigmentation. Our third laser/RF instrument is the only FDA approved device for the elimination of apigmented (blond, white, gray) hair on the face and body.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 266-5555

Essentially Bare
We use the most advanced laser system from Lumenis (Lightsheer Diode Laser System) for hair removal. It is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. Over the past eight years - virtually since the beginning of cosmetic laser hair removal - we have worked with different types of lasers. The Lumenis LightSheer Diode offers the best technology and is more effective in removing unwanted hair than is an IPL (light-based device), and we have successfully treated more than 4000 patients. Its pulse width (400 milliseconds) and intensity (up to 100J), make it possible to treat darker skinned and tanned clients, as well as permanently eliminate ingrown hairs in all skin types.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 876-1500

A & A Laser, Electrolysis & Skin Care Associates
We are constantly exploring breakthroughs in the skin care, cosmetic surgery and the hair removal industries to bring you the best possible treatments. Our treatment programs are custom designed for men and women, adults and teens, and all skin types. We are specialists in acne skin care management and laser hair removal.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 964-1000

Boston Electrology and Skin Therapies
Boston Electrology and Skin Therapies now offers expanded Laser Skin Care services. In addition to Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation treatments, we now offer Spider Vein Laser treatments. The latest in laser skin care technology using Intense Pulse Light (IPL). With the new Starlux by Palomar, our trained and board certified laser physician is better able to serve all your laser skin care needs.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 338-5188

Pour Le Corps
At Pour Le Corps we use the latest in medical laser technology, the "Cutera CoolGlide" (formerly known as "The Altus Cool Glide) which is FDA approved for multiple skin tones and 90% hair reduction. This effective hair removal system works by sending a filtered light beam to a group of hair follicles with enough power to disable the hair root but not enough power to harm the surrounding skin tissues or delicate pores. Since laser cannot destroy every hair, Electrolysis may be necessary to reach your ultimate or maximum goal. For this reason we provide both laser and electrolysis services so you may attain a complete and permanent solution for your hair removal needs.. For eye safety, it is advised that laser not be performed on eyebrows.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 262-8855

Finesse Laser Center
At Finesse we have the best clinical lasers to deliver optimum results to each individual. For light skin with no recent sun exposure an Alexandrite laser is the most clinically effective laser for hair removal. If your skin is dark or tanned, an Nd:YAG laser will provide the safest results. At Finesse Laser Center, we utilize the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser for hair removal. The Elite contains both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers in one system to deliver optimal results for all skin types. Unlike many other laser centers, we don't treat all clients with one type of laser which may be ineffective and in many cases dangerous. With several gold-standard technologies, our experienced staff will choose the safest and most effective laser for you individually.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (781) 899-7546

CosMedica, Inc.
CosMedica, Inc., is your solution for unwanted hair, spider veins, age spots and aging skin. With our state of the art laser equipment, and the best cosmeceuticals on the market, CosMedica will give you clear, healthy, youthful looking skin again. We are proud to have some of the longest practicing medical laser technicians, not only in Massachusetts, but nationwide. They have been performing laser treatments on clients since the first hair removal laser was developed. You can count on Cosmedica for safety, knowledge, and superior results.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (781) 246-1119