Laser Hair Removal Buffalo

Cheryl's Hair Removal Center
By visiting our clinic for Laser Hair Removal in Buffalo, NY, we can show you the care and concern we attribute to each and every one of our patients. When you visit for a complimentary consultation, we will take the time to sit with you and answer any questions you may have. At that time we will also develop an individualized treatment protocol that will get you optimal hair removal results by taking your skin tone, hair type and a few other genetic factors into consideration. By mapping out your treatment plan for you, you can get the very best hair removal results possible.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 631-5525

American Laser Centers
American Laser Centers knows what it takes to achieve perfect, hair-free skin -- our exclusive laser hair removal protocol. Kiss your razor goodbye. Toss your tweezers. Lose the wax. Forget about painful nicks and cuts, unsightly stubble and uncomfortable ingrown hair. With laser hair removal from American Laser Centers, every inch of your skin will be as smooth as you want it to be, without pain, hassle or mess. In fact, our laser hair removal system is so amazingly effective that we back it with an unparalleled two-year guarantee*.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 565-1335

Advanced Electrolysis by Judy
Advanced Electrolysis provides permanent hair removal.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (716) 835-8633

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
At Hair Today Gone Tomorrow our goal is to make hair removal affordable for everyone. Many hair removal companies, physicians offices and spas will not give clients prices until they come into the office for a consultation stating that the price depends on the size of the area treated, hair texture and other factors. HTGT keeps the price for each body area treated the same for everyone regardless of the person’s size, skin tone and hair texture. Our service is customized but our rates are not—we keep our prices low for everyone! The number of treatments required to remove unwanted hair varies for each person, but most clients require a minimum of 6 treatments to see desired results.
Location : Buffalo, NY
Phone : (877) 664-2477