Laser Hair Removal Denver

Vitahl Medical Rejuvenation Spa
Vitahl Medical Rejuvenation Spa offers the most authentic medical spa experience available in Denver. By bringing together the luxurious beauty of a 5-star spa with the expertise and knowledge of a medical practice, we have created and environment that is at once rejuvenating, discreet, professional and safe. With the latest technology and top-of-the-line cooling, we can effectively treat all skin types so everyone can give up shaving forever. Make unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors!
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 388-7380

Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics
Using only the newest and most advanced lasers possible, we’re able to improve and correct any imperfections as well as turn back the clock on skin’s natural aging processes. Hair can be removed from practically any area on your body that you desire, including the face, legs, back, arms and even underarms. The type of hair removal that is ideal for you depends on a number of factors including your hair color, texture, skin color and what is causing the superfluous hair on your body. Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics uses two methods of hair reduction including Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 985-8520

We are a state-of-the-art laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation facility. We offer personalized care in a friendly, professional, medical environment. Our prices are competitive, our clients love the results and best of all, there's no surgery involved. Laser hair removal effectively reduces unwanted hair permanently. We use the state-of-the-art lasers for fast, comfortable and reliable results. At Lasair Aesthetic Health we have 3 hair removal laser systems, enabling us to treat all skin and hair types, with the exception of white and light blonde hair.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 782-5082

Rejuv Skin Spa
These are just some of of the treatments we offer: Rejuv Facial or Peel; Rejuv Facial or Peel; Rejuv Power Peel; No Fluff, No Buff - Just Pure Peel; Microdermabrasion, Botox, Juvederm, Laser Hair Removal, Sun/Age Spot Removal, IPL PhotoFacial.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (720) 334-3477

Elite Laser Salon
Are you tired of shaving with a razor day after day? Are you ready to get rid of those unsightly underarm hairs? Tired dealing with the "Pain" and "Mess" associated with Waxing? Are you ready to Be Hair Free? Then Laser Hair Removal is for you, and Elite Laser Salon is the perfect place to get this treatment done with professional results. So if you are ready to throw away the razors and show off that smooth and sexy body. Then come to Elite Laser Salon and Be Hair Free.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 975-8825

Ageless Remedies
Ageless Remedies uses the latest advances in laser technology to remove unwanted hair safely and affordably. All of our technology is FDA approved and has been extensively researched, tested, and proven highly effective in removing unwanted hair permanently. Ageless Remedies also offers a membership program for permanent hair removal that makes it affordable of anyone to achieve smooth and sexy skin from head to toe.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 320-1515

American Laser Centers
American Laser Centers knows what it takes to achieve perfect, hair-free skin -- our exclusive laser hair removal protocol. Kiss your razor goodbye. Toss your tweezers. Lose the wax. Forget about painful nicks and cuts, unsightly stubble and uncomfortable ingrown hair. With laser hair removal from American Laser Centers, every inch of your skin will be as smooth as you want it to be, without pain, hassle or mess. In fact, our laser hair removal system is so amazingly effective that we back it with an unparalleled two-year guarantee.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (720) 377-9003

Smooth Skin Centers
Services Offered: Laser Hair Removal * Spider Vein Erasing * Age, Sun and Red Spot Removal * Laser Skin Tightening * Active Acne * Poikiloderma * Rosacea Reduction * Laser Wart Removal
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 750-3100

Tomorrow's Body
Tomorrow's Body is the premier Denver health spa, day spa, and salon. Located in the heart of Denver, Tomorrow's Body is housed in a quaint and attractive historic building. Three stories of pampering, relaxation, and health benefits await as you enter Tomorrow's Body. You can choose from a full range of body spa treatments, including hair cut and styling, massage, tanning, acupuncture, manicure, pedicure, personal wellness programs, and many more. Tomorrow's Body is a Denver salon and spa a cut above the rest. Spa Services: *Facial Care *Clinical Facial Care *Body Treatments *4-Ever-Slim *Massage *Hair Removal (Wax/Laser) *Electrical Muscle Stimulation *Spa Packages.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 777-7076

Cade Clinique
Cade Clinique is an established and licensed provider of electrolysis, skin care, spa body therapy, massage, manicuring, and pedicuring. Here at Cade Clinique, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with high standards of sanitation and client care. Cade Clinique features: Therapeutic Massage for Pain, Stress, and Pregnancy; Spider Vein Treatment; Acupuncture; Laser Hair Removal; Electrolysis; Brow and Lash Tinting; Permanent Cosmetics; Facial Treatments; Peels; Make-Up - applications and lessons.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 759-2233